Nurse clinics

Our experienced nurses are able to give you lots of useful advice about your pets wellbeing and preventative health care.

If you would like to talk to a nurse about any of the subjects below please call for an appointment:

Dental care

Dental health is important to general wellbeing and we would recommend that a dental care routine is started early in your pets life. We can show you the best ways of protecting your pet’s teeth and can check older patients to see if their teeth are in good shape. Dental problems that are left can be extremely uncomfortable and may require dental treatment under a general anaesthetic.

Weight management

Managing our pet’s weight can sometimes be challenging. We can provide regular weight checks to discuss diet and help keep track of progress. We will advise on the best ways to reduce your pet’s weight.

Geriatric checks

As our pets get older they may require more regular trips to the vets. Some pets over seven years old are classed as senior. Our nurses can provide health checks for your pets where they can give a top to tail exam looking for any signs of potential problems. If we are concerned with any of our findings we will refer on to a vet.

Diabetic care

If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes the nurses can give you helpful advice about living with a diabetic pet. We can provide demonstrations on how to give insulin, discuss diet and give advice on how to monitor your pet at home pointing out the signs to look out for if something is going wrong.

Fleas and worming treatments

There are lots of different flea and worm treatments on the market and it can sometimes be quite confusing. We can advise on the best ones to use, when to use them and explain what each product is for. Giving your pet’s regular flea and worm treatment is both important for you, your pet and the environment.

Puppies and kittens

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time. We want to help you to give your pets the best start and provide advice to keep them happy and healthy. Whilst your new puppy or kitten is starting out we recommend coming to see the one of the nurses regularly until they are about 6 months old. We can keep an eye on weight, discuss neutering and talk about administering flea and worm treatments. Coming into the vet practice will help with early socialisation which is important to later behaviour.


Bringing your pet in for neutering can be quite a daunting experience. The nurses can give advice on the benefits and talk you through the procedure with advice on aftercare. Our nurses are trained in anaesthetic procedures and will be able to discuss any concerns you have.

Rabbit care

Rabbits are increasingly popular pets and the nurses can give you advice on many aspect of their care. We can discuss their housing, caring for indoor rabbits and litter training. We can also demonstrate how to correctly handle your bunny and check their teeth and nails. We can also help with diet and talk about preventative healthcare.